Honyaku Corporation provides high quality language services.

Honyaku Corporation is a language solution company correspoinding to all the needs of the language of our customers.


We have a 40 year history in providing a B-to-B translation service. Our service covers translation in all industries, including technical, manufacturing, legal and patent translation.

Interpretation and Staffing

Providing the right people at the right time For 30 years we have been dispatching and introducing staff that are suited to our customers’ needs for simultaneous interpretation, immediate assistance, urgent tasks, technical skills, short-term jobs and one-time-only jobs and more.

Honyaku USA Inc.

Honyaku Corporation’s U.S. corporate body provides on-demand translation services and review processes focusing on eDiscovery solutions for lawsuits in America.

About Honyaku Corporation

Since its establishment in 1972, Honyaku Corporation has contributed to the globalization strategies of Japanese businesses by providing a translation service. As a specialist language company, we help our customers to become more international and to be more informed by dispatching language specialists and providing language training services in addition to our core translation service.

In April 2013, a local subsidiary was established in California State in the U.S. in order to promote stronger sales developments in North America. As the North American focal point for global business development, the local subsidiary is making further enhancements to its services in order to be of use to Japanese businesses as they make progress in the United States.

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