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Honyaku Corporation is a B-to-B translation company with its headquarters located in Tokyo. We utilize our forty years of experience to provide superior translations appropriate for any time, place, and occasion.

Honyaku Corporation was one of the first translation companies based in Japan to acquire expertise in eDiscovery solutions, used widely as a litigation support tool in the US. We are able to offer eDiscovery review processes and on-demand translation services, thereby offering professional language-related support for litigation procedures, focused on time and cost reduction.

We are also able to arrange for temporary in-house translators and introduce suitable translators according to your specific business requirements. Be it the outsourcing of a translation project or arranging for an in-house translator, we can meet your translation needs with bespoke and comprehensive service.

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We cater to a broad spectrum of fields

We provide translations of a diverse variety of documents to support any business situation, for example:
・ Manufacturing industry documents, such as manuals and technical data
・ Business documents, company profiles, contracts
・ Medical documents, patent specifications, economic reports, etc.

We support eDiscovery translations

We provide both machine translation and human translation required for your eDiscovery needs. Please also inquire about our bilingual reviewers available for Japanese document reviews.


Please see more details about Interpretation :Click here
We provide interpreter to meet client needs.
• Simultaneous interpretation
• Consecutive interpretation
• "Whispering"